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Visit a Preserve: Hiking Trails, Birding, Wildlife Viewing, Education, Nature Photography

Discover a variety of excellent nature preserves to visit for hiking trails, birding, wildlife observation, eagle nests, environmental education, group hikes, photographing nature, and more!

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Placemarkers on the map below show the preserves owned by Sycamore Land Trust that are accessible by the  public for hiking and nature enjoyment.

  • Please stay on trails where available, and do not disturb plants, animals, minerals, or historic artifacts.
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash. You must clean up after your dog.
  • Please, no camping, fires, off-road vehicles, bicycles, horses, or littering.
  • Preserves are open daily from dawn to dusk.
  • Visitation and parking are at your own risk.

The other Sycamore preserves shown just by outlines are not generally accessible due to limited public road access and parking, although neighbors are welcome to visit. Please respect Sycamore’s neighbors and do not trespass to visit a preserve.

With over 55 properties to manage, Sycamore relies on conscientious visitors and volunteer stewards to keep an eye on our preserves. If you see any misuse of Sycamore’s properties or are interested in volunteering to be the steward for a preserve, please contact us at (812) 336-5382 or

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Featured Preserves (in alphabetical order):

Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve and Environmental Education Trail in northwest Monroe County
A boardwalk trail provides special access to over 600 acres of rare wetland habitat and an eagle nest.

The Cedars Preserve in southwest Monroe County, west of Harrodsburg
A trail goes through a grove of red cedars and deciduous woods, passing sinkholes, limestone outcrops, and historic artifacts.

Columbia Mine Preserve in Gibson and Pike Counties
Sycamore’s largest property, this preserve borders the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge and is home to bobcats and otters. Several trails are available.

Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest  in eastern Greene County
Deep ravines, waterfalls, and sandstone outcrops are distinctive features of this high-quality mature forest, which has a loop trail.

Eagle Slough Natural Area in Evansville
A trail follows an old rail bed through bottomland forest and wetlands, with several observation decks. Easily accessible from a parking lot on Waterworks Road.

Ghurye Arboretum in the Marlin Hills neighborhood, north of Bloomington
A mowed trail loops through a demonstration arboretum at this neighborhood preserve.

Jeremy Keith Oakley Preserve in eastern Lawrence County, on Leesville Road
A trail through a field and woods passes a memorial to Jeremy Oakley and others.

Lake Lemon Woods on the north side of Lake Lemon in northwest Monroe County
Beautiful woods on a steep hillside with a short trail accessed from Wildwood Drive.  Parking is limited to the roadside.

The Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill in Brown County, on Valley Branch Road
Classic rugged Brown County hills and mature hardwood forest, with a trail along an old gravel road and another under development.

Porter West Preserve in western Monroe County, at the corner of State Road 48 and Vernal Pike
This 190-acre preserve has woods and open areas, many sinkholes, and a trail. Parking is available at the south gate on Vernal Pike.

Powell Preserve in northwest Monroe County, on Brighton Road north of Ellettsville
A mowed trail loops around a prairie planting and heads into the woods. Park at the edge of the front field, at the bottom of the hill.

Scarlet Oak Woods in northeast Monroe County, by the Danny Smith II addition off of State Road 45
A trail follows a ridge through mature forest. Parking is available at the end of Viking Ridge Road.

Tangeman Woods and the Outdoor Lab Trail in western Bartholomew County, along State Road 46 and near Touch the Earth
This wooded preserve features the Outdoor Lab trail. Parking is available at the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Touch the Earth Natural Area in western Bartholomew County, on Country Club Road
Over two miles of trails through woods and fields are easily accessible from the parking lot just south of State Road 46.

Trevlac Bluffs Nature Preserve in northwest Brown County
Trails lead up to a steep hemlock bluff overlooking bottomland hardwood forest and Beanblossom Creek. Parking is limited to the roadside.


Less Accessible Preserves:

Visitors are welcome at these preserves, but there is no trail and/or parking is limited to the roadside.

Campbell Preserve in northeast Monroe Country, on Upper Birdie Galyan Road
The preserve borders Morgan-Monroe State Forest, which has a parking area and trail.

Austin and Mary Ann Gardner Memorial Woods in western Brown County, on County Line Road
Mature woods bordering Hoosier National Forest and Lake Monroe.

Latimer Preserve in eastern Monroe County
Two deep wooded ravines dominate this preserve along State Road 46.

Pizzo Preserve in southwest Monroe County, north of Lake Monroe
A trail leads up the steep forested hillside overlooking the Salt Creek floodplain. Parking is limited to the roadside.

Wayne Woods in southwest Monroe County, on Duncan Road near Leonard Springs Nature Preserve
A mature woods, spectacular spring wildflowers, and sinkholes are found here. Parking is limited to the road shoulder.

Dan Willard Woods in northeast Monroe County, on Mt. Gilead Road
Bordering Morgan-Monroe State Forest, this preserve features mature oak woods and a memorial to Sycamore President Dan Willard. Parking is limited to the roadside.


Other Notable Preserves:

These preserves are not generally accessible due to limited public road access and parking, although neighbors are welcome to visit on foot. Please respect Sycamore’s neighbors and do not trespass to visit a preserve.

Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Back Creek in eastern Lawrence County
The bluff over Back Creek is home to a rare stand of eastern hemlock trees, one of the few in Indiana.

Touch the Earth II Preserve in western Brown County, along State Road 46
Part of the scenic drive between Bloomington and Nashville, the preserve has woods, and old field, and an active farm field.