Not one, not two, but SEVEN otters!

Local nature photographer Steve Gifford headed out the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge looking for marsh birdsand instead had the pleasure of watching a group of 7 otters swim, fish, and play together. See his incredible photos here.

There’s a lot of special nature to see in southern Indiana, and we’re proud to protect more of it every day with your help!

Otters grooming. Photo by Steve Gifford.

A family of seven river otters groomed each other on this log. Look at that cute pink tongue! Photo by Steve Gifford.

River otter yipping. Photo by Steve Gifford.

Bark! Steve says, “I heard one of the youngest pups [not necessarily this one] yipping for its mom like a puppy when it fell behind and got momentarily separated from the group, something I had never heard before.”

River otter looking at camera. Photo by Steve Gifford

This sleek, strong river otter stared straight at Steve Gifford’s camera.

Check out the area at Refuge Appreciation Day on October 11, 2014.