Field Report time!

River otter eating fish

A river otter munches on a fish at Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Jeff Danielson.

Local nature photographer Jeff Danielson of sent us these fun otter photos and story:

Good otter-spotting conditions last week. Mostly frozen water, but with open-water holes where there was some flow. In this case one such spot was close to the bank where I could sneak up on them. The one demonstrating the proper technique for consuming fish without opposable thumbs was still unaware of me, but the others were starting to suspect I was not, in fact, a tree. The last one came from under the ice and checked me out from just under the surface before backing away again.

Otter looking at you

A river otter gazes at photographer Jeff Danielson.


otter peeks out

A river otter peeks out from the ice. Photo by Jeff Danielson.