“This is not a job—it’s a lifestyle.” — Shane

Shane GibsonWelcome, Shane Gibson! Shane is our new Environmental Education Director. He was previously the Environmental Education Director at Bradford Woods and is a licensed teacher in Indiana. Shane has also worked as a restoration ecologist and has a great understanding of Indiana’s flora and fauna.

Shane’s deep connection to nature extends to his hobbies: maple syrup-making, gardening, hunting, and fishing. His wife is a teacher at Bloomington High School North and they have have two boys, a dog, two cats, a rabbit, and chickens. Quite a full house and yard!

We’re very excited to have Shane take the helm of our Environmental Education Program. As he says, it “embodies things I hold most dear in life: protecting land and water, enjoying nature, and helping others learn about and enjoy nature. This is not a job—it’s a lifestyle.”

You can read the rest of his bio here. Shane starts on April 1. You can reach him at or (812) 336-5382 x107.