You’ll find this “Tracking Bobcats” story from WFIU inspiring

Bobcat seen at close range at the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge by photographer Steve Gifford.

One of Steve Gifford’s memorable shots of a bobcat at the Columbia Mine Preserve.

Imagine trekking around woods and marshes in all temperatures while carrying camera gear and binoculars, then sitting in a hidey-hole for hours exercising great patience. Now imagine doing it with the tremors and fatigue that characterize Parkinson’s disease. Steve Gifford does all this on a regular basis at our Columbia Mine Preserve and other natural areas. Pretty amazing, huh?

Take a listen to or read this interesting and touching story that aired on WFIU for Earth Day. Steve’s attitude and his photographs are very inspiring!

Steve Gifford

Steve Gifford

Not covered in this particular story is Steve’s dedication to helping preserve land. He volunteers his time and talents as a board member for Sycamore, and willingly shares his photographs to bring attention to the beautiful landscapes of southern Indiana and all the neat wildlife you can find there. His photographs do more than almost anything else could to show just how valuable this work is, and we’re grateful to him!