Check out our redesigned 2014 Impact Report!

The 2014 Impact Report includes a beautiful infographic. Click to view larger image. Download full report to the left.

This year’s Annual Report looks a little differentin several great ways. For one thing, it’s now called an Impact Report…that’s really what it’s all about, after all!

It also features an infographic, a beautiful visual portrayal of the Bicentennial Nature Trust projects Sycamore had completed by the end of 2014. The total has since grown, but when we ran the numbers for last year, even we were pleasantly surprised at how they add up:

  • 1,222: acres protected via Bicentennial Nature Trust
  • $643,000: Bicentennial grants to help purchase those acres
  • $2.4 million: value of the land

That’s a major impact, and we couldn’t do it without our wonderful supporters! Seriously. The Bicentennial Nature Trust grants require a dollar for dollar match, so we rely on our supporters to help us come up with our share of the matching funds.

The 2014 Impact Report also highlights successes in environmental education and volunteerism, so check it out! It’s a quick read, I promise.