My pledge: To match the dedication of volunteers and staff

Abby PerfettiBy Abby Henkel, Communications Director

— This article was originally printed in the Fall 2016 issue of our newsletter, The Twig. See a PDF of the complete newsletter.

I’ve been on the staff at Sycamore Land Trust only since June, but I already feel at home. Indiana is my home—I was raised in Indianapolis, and have degrees from Earlham College and Indiana University. Nonprofits are my home, having worked and volunteered for several important organizations in our community like Bloomington PRIDE and the Monroe County YMCA. But more importantly, I feel most at home when I’m immersed in the natural beauty of southern Indiana, working alongside the people who are committed to protecting it forever.

The most remarkable asset I’ve noticed since joining Sycamore has been the selflessness of people involved at all levels. From the volunteers who power through bug bites and thought-provoking meetings, to the individuals and organizations who give generously of land or money, to my colleagues whose minds are always working day and night to tackle the next project. Their energy motivates me to work even harder to protect this beautiful region of the country.

And there is so much to protect. So many at-risk species need habitats restored—habitats that once covered this state. I owe it to these plants and animals, to the farmers who feed us, to my fellow Hoosiers, and to my descendants, that I will work toward a better future. A cleaner future, full of diverse natural landscapes, clear water, and fresh air.

As the Communications Director, I have the privilege to communicate Sycamore’s mission and accomplishments to people who are impacted by what we do, whether they’re aware of it yet or not. My goal is to encourage everyone to get involved with Sycamore, so they can have a lasting impact on protecting southern Indiana’s natural beauty. You can help this effort by becoming a member, inviting a friend to join, joining in on a nature hike, and spreading the word about preserving our Indiana home.

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