A shared passion

Susan Haislip

— This article was originally printed in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of our newsletter, The Twig. See a PDF of the complete newsletter.

Nature has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. The fields, brooks, and beaches of southern Connecticut were my playground, and inspire fond memories to this day. My formative years saw the rise of the environmental movement, and I was hooked! After college, I pursued a career in public service, and found my niche in the environmental nonprofit sector. Prior to my new position with Sycamore, I served for over a decade in a similar role with Wesselman Nature Society in Evansville.

I am honored to join the staff at Sycamore, and I look forward to meeting the many people who make this organization successful — supporters like you. I feel like I know you already, because I too have been a supporter of Sycamore for a number of years now. I was first introduced to Sycamore through what is now the Columbia Mine Preserve in Gibson and Pike counties.

The Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge had been looking forward to purchasing that property for many years, until the deal began to go awry. It got dire: the owners were threatening to divide the property up and sell it in pieces. As a member of the Friends of the Refuge Board of Directors, I reached out to Sycamore for help in preserving the property. The response was immediate. Because of the knowledge, dedication, and passion of Sycamore’s staff and Board members, 1,000 acres of southwestern Indiana are now protected and returned to nature for all to enjoy.

That one experience made me a believer in Sycamore Land Trust. And we have accomplished much more since then! Sycamore inspires me to believe in the return of an Indiana much like the Indiana my great-grandparents experienced — where wide open spaces provide future generations the opportunity to explore and enjoy the ecological diversity and natural beauty that we all treasure.

I look forward to contributing to that effort, and hearing about what inspires you. You can reach me at 812-336-5382, x100 or