An endowment is a fund that provides Sycamore with a stable source of funds from a portion of the earned annual interest, while protecting the principal investment forever. When you donate to one of Sycamore’s endowments, you help to ensure that the work we do will be supported forever. To learn more about an endowment and how you can contribute, contact Ann Connors, Development Director, at 812-336-5382 ext 104 or

We have four different types of endowments:

Land Stewardship
Land Acquisition
Monarch Environmental Education

We have reached our goal of $1.3 million for the Monarch Environmental Education Endowment. Thank you to our major supporters: the Raymond Foundation, Vectren Foundation, George and Cathy Korinek, Sam Shine Foundation, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, Wylie Foundation, Scott and Ruth Sanders, Namaste Foundation, and anonymous donors.