Announcing weekend closure: Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve

May 14, 2020

Contact: Abby Henkel, Communications Director,

Due to an extraordinary increase in traffic related to the effects of COVID-19, the Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve will be temporarily closed on weekends. The parking lot will be gated promptly at 8:00 pm on Fridays, and reopen at 8:00 am on Mondays. We do not expect this closure to continue indefinitely, but will remain in effect until otherwise announced.

Update: this temporary closure extends to holidays, including Memorial Day on Monday, May 25.

This decision comes amid an extraordinary increase in visitation to the preserve and traffic on the road, due in large part to COVID-19. Sycamore’s primary mission is to preserve and restore natural lands, and we work diligently to make our beloved nature preserves open to the public. After testing out many other options, weekend visitation has continued to increase much more than the parking lot or trail were built for. Closing the preserve on weekends will alleviate the stress this traffic has brought to the neighborhood and ensure that we all tread lightly on this wonderful habitat and continue to put conservation first.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and support as we navigate uncertain times together!

To read more about our stewardship work at the Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve, see our 2019 Annual Impact Report (PDF, page 6).

We encourage people to visit our other nature preserves, as well as the many other wonderful trails in this area. State parks and the nearby Deam Wilderness at the Hoosier National Forest remain open; Monroe County parks have all been closed during the pandemic.