Big News! 56 Acres Acquired Adjacent to the Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill

Sycamore Land Trust is excited to announce the addition of 56 acres of protected land to the Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill, thanks to the generous support of the Laura Hare Charitable Trust and Sycamore members.

“This property was available for sale on the open market,” explains Rob McCrea, Sycamore’s Land Preservation Director.  “After closing, the realtor informed us that every other interested purchaser wanted to log the property.  I’m really happy that Sycamore was able to acquire it to make sure this property is protected.”

This new parcel of protected land will not be opened to public access or hiking. It has been protected for the benefit of the plants and animals who live there and to protect natural habitat for future generations.