The Cedars Preserve is Closed to Public Access

Sycamore Land Trust has closed The Cedars Preserve to public access beginning May 25, 2021. This nature preserve has experienced a significant increase in visitation over the past year and sensitive natural areas have been adversely impacted by the increased number of hikers. Sycamore has decided to close the preserve to allow the land time to recover.

Over the past year we learned just how important Sycamore’s public nature preserves are to our community. They are sanctuaries not only for plants and wildlife we strive to protect, but also for us during difficult times. The staff at Sycamore was motivated by the deep gratitude many expressed to us for maintaining our public nature preserves. Now it is time to extend this gratitude to the plants and animals and landscapes that inspire us by giving the biotic community of plants and animals at the Cedars preserve time to rest.

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