Beanblossom Creek Wildlife Camera Project

A new window into the world of southern Indiana wildlife, our 2021 Wildlife Camera Project has released 20 minutes of wildlife footage captured on our nature preserves surrounding Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve in Monroe County.

Sycamore wants to get to know the animals that live on the land we protect. This summer, we set up 12 wildlife cameras in locations we know are frequented by animals– game trails, creeks, and this beaver dam that creates a natural bridge. Watch now at

So far we’ve recorded 37 species and hundreds of hours of video on these cameras, and we’re still counting.

Now you can watch footage from our “Dam Cam,” “Squirrel Log Cam,” “Creek Cam,” and other wildlife cameras. Hear the sounds of a wetland in early morning, the quiet chatter of wild turkeys resting in the shade, see beavers busy repairing the dam, deer splashing in rain puddles, a coyote dancing to mark the ground with scent, a Virginia opossum snacking, an owl bobbing in a tree, bobcat kittens, coyote pups, raccoon kits, and more.

Nature needs our help. These cameras show how many animals depend on our 121 protected properties in southern Indiana. Donate today to protect land and help us restore more habitat. Visit to learn how you can be a part of supporting local wildlife.