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New: “Wetlands of Southern Indiana” Coloring Book


Click here to download our free, printable “Wetlands of Southern Indiana” coloring book, featuring 20 species of plants and animals that depend on the wetland habitat protected by Sycamore Land Trust. Beautiful artwork by Mary Connors, B.S. K-12 Education, M.A. Art Education, includes American bittern, baldcypress, Kirtland’s snake, prothonotary warbler, bobcat, swamp rose, blue-flag iris, purple fringeless orchid, a beaver and her kit, and more.

Why are wetlands important? They provide important habitat for plants and wildlife, reduce flooding, and help improve water quality. Wetlands are renowned for their ability to remove excess nutrients, toxic substances, and sediment from water that flows through them, helping to improve downstream water quality and the overall health of waters in our communities. They are so effective at improving water quality they have been referred to as the “kidneys” of our watershed. Yet more than 85% of the Indiana’s wetlands have been lost. Together with our members, Sycamore is protecting vital wetland habitat for the future.

“Native Wildflowers of Southern Indiana” Coloring Book


Download our free, printable “Native Wildflowers of Southern Indiana” coloring book featuring 20 of our favorite native wildflowers! This coloring book illustrated by Mary Connors, B.S. K-12 Education, M.A. Art Education, is designed to help children and adults identify native species of plants, animals, and insects found along Sycamore’s more than 30 miles of public hiking trails in southern Indiana. From spring ephemerals that emerge early and last only a short while, to summer blooms that delight us until autumn, nature’s colors are everywhere on our preserves.

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