Sycamore Land Trust’s Spring Native Plant Sale

Sycamore Land Trust is delighted to announce our Spring Native Plant Sale!  Proceeds from the sale will be used to support our Native Plant Nursery where we grow native plants for our many land restoration projects in South Central Indiana. We will offer native plants that thrive in a garden setting and that provide vital habitat and food for our pollinators, birds and small mammals. Please stop by and chat with us about adding more native plants to your backyard in support of wildlife.

The sale will be held at Bloomingfoods East Parking Lot, Saturday, May 20th, 9a – 2p or until we are sold out. A pot return area will be available through June at Bloomingfoods East so that the pots can be reused.

For more information on the 30 species of native plants available and how to care for your plants, visit