Wildflower Walk for Members at Touch the Earth Natural Area

Join us for a special member-only opportunity to explore the restored native wildflower meadow at Touch the Earth Natural Area near Columbus, a 10-acre addition to the preserve that was donated to Sycamore by Connie and Terry Marbach in 2021. Less than one thousand acres of Indiana’s original two million acres of virgin prairie grassland remain, leaving the unique plant and animal communities that rely on native wildflower meadows, edge habitat, and early successional forest seriously threatened. But at Touch the Earth Natural Area, we are preserving vital prairie habitat including this 10-acre native wildflower meadow that was restored and cared for by the Marbach family before it was donated. Take a walk with Education Director Mary Welz to learn about native plants and our ongoing habitat restoration projects on this special preserve.

To sign up, email us at Registration is required due to limited parking availability. Only one spot remaining.

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