Backyard Biology: Sycamore Sightings in our Office Backyard

In September, our Land Stewardship team built a flying squirrel nest box and put it a tree in the backyard of our Bloomington office. The native southern flying squirrel is nocturnal, elusive, and rarely seen, so the team didn’t get their hopes up too high. But when they checked the box in October, they were surprised to find a flying squirrel already roosting inside!

A flying squirrel flees its new home as our Land Stewardship team checked the box. Photo by Chris Fox

We added wildlife cameras in our Bloomington office backyard and captured much more than we expected – flying squirrel, mink, red fox, bobcats, coyotes, a red-tailed hawk taking a bath, even a pileated woodpecker playing peek-a-boo. See what we captured in our new “Backyard Biology” wildlife camera compilation.