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Sycamore Land Trust

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway at Bloomingfoods East

Friday, April 28th, 11:00am-7:00pm

Celebrate Arbor Day with Sycamore Land Trust! Because we all value clean air, pure water, and healthy habitats, we’re giving away tree seedlings to plant all over southern Indiana. We’re proud to continue this annual Sycamore tradition. Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends!

Come get a free tree seedling donated by Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, or a shrub donated by Eco Logic. We’ll be handing them out along with planting instructions on Friday, April 28 at Bloomingfoods East from 11am-7pm. While you’re there, you can also purchase some cool Sycamore swag and sign up to become a member.

American plum

Trees species:

  • American plum
  • black cherry
  • black chokeberry
  • buttonbush
  • common chokecherry
  • elderberry
  • gray dogwood
  • hackberry
  • hazelnut
  • pawpaw
  • persimmon
  • shagbark hickory
  • silky dogwood
  • Washington hawthorn


Membership Special

Members are the foundation for Sycamore’s success. Anyone who signs up to become a member at the Tree Giveaway (donate $40 or more) will also receive a free Sycamore coffee mug, in addition to the regular benefits of membership.


Cocktails for conservation

You can also support Sycamore’s important conservation work by purchasing a signature drink at Cardinal Spirits on Arbor Day. A dollar of your purchase of their cocktail The Bee’s Knees will be donated to Sycamore Land Trust to help us protect forests, prairies, and wetlands that sustain life all throughout the region.


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