Auction To Benefit Sycamore

Decoy & Sporting Collectible Auction
Featuring the Steve Weller Collection
Live Webcast: Saturday June 17th, 2023 starting at 10am Eastern
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Proceeds from the Steve Weller collection will be used by Sycamore Land Trust to create an Environmental and Conservation Education Center elevated above a wetland property along Beanblossom Creek near Bloomington.

Auction to Benefit Sycamore Land Trust

Featuring the Steve Weller Collection

On April 15 and June 17, 2023, professional live webcast auctions of Steve Weller’s collection of duck decoys, sporting collectibles, and rare John James Audubon books and prints benefitted Sycamore Land Trust’s wetland restoration and outdoor education projects. The amazing collection was created by the late Steve Weller, a noted outdoor educator, conservation leader, and owner of his own firm specializing in large-scale wetland restoration. Steve and Kathy Weller are also long-term supporters of Sycamore Land Trust, and Kathy selected Sycamore to receive the proceeds from the sale of Steve’s collection.

Proceeds from the Steve Weller collection auctions will be used by Sycamore Land Trust to create an Environmental and Conservation Education Center elevated above a wetland property along Beanblossom Creek near Bloomington, Indiana.  This education center and the nature preserve will enable people of all ages and abilities to experience and learn about the importance of land conservation, habitat restoration and wetlands, to support biodiversity and climate resiliency. In the coming years, Sycamore will significantly expand the preserve’s current wetland to create more waterfowl habitat.

Ann Connors, Development Director, was interviewed by Shelley Kirk on Eyewitness News in Evansville about the April 15th auction, when the first 190 lots from the Steve Weller collection were auctioned to benefit Sycamore, including a rare set of The Royal Octavo Edition of Birds of America by John James Audubon.


Steve Weller 1953- 2022


Steve was born March 25, 1953 in Danville, Illinois but grew up across the state line near Perrysville, Indiana. As a child Steve tromped the fields, woodlands and streams of the Wabash River Valley in west central Indiana hunting arrowheads and morels, fishing for bass and bluegill, and learning to identify the flora and fauna he observed.

Steve began his career as an outdoor education naturalist at Forest Glen County Preserve near Westville, Illinois. By then he could identify anything that “grew, flew, walked or squawked” in the native landscape. He went on to obtain two Masters Degrees in Biology/Education and Landscape Architecture, and held various positions in Outdoor Education, Open Space Planning, and Natural Resource Conservation/Restoration in Indiana and Illinois. In his last job in the public sector, he was Executive Director of the McHenry County Conservation district, conserving over 6,000 acres of high-quality native areas and developing 60 miles of rail trails, which connected to biking/hiking trails in northeast Illinois.

Upon retiring from public service Steve formed his own firm specializing in large-scale wetland restoration to mitigate wetland losses from development in the Chicago region. The wetlands he brought back to life serve as freshwater sinks for groundwater replenishment and habitat for animals, birds and migrating waterfowl.

Toward the end of his life Steve developed a fascination for wooden duck decoys along with tinnies, shorebird decoys, fish decoys, duck calls and an assortment of related items you see presented in these two auctions by Grant Cole of Auctioneers, Inc. Steve would be pleased that these treasures will be “flying off” to appreciative wildlife lovers across the country. He would also be pleased that the totality of profits from these auctions will be directed to public wetland restoration and outdoor education projects.


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Megan & I are very proud of our auction business and we are very excited for this auction. We wouldn’t be the auction company that we are today without you. We are a family owned & operated auction company that cares about our customers. Every aspect of our business is important to us and we appreciate the feedback from our buyers and sellers as it helps us become a better auction company. We operate in a very transparent manner and we have built our business on honesty and integrity. We hope that you enjoy this auction as much as we will. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


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