Sponsor a Preserve

We're grateful to our 2020 preserve sponsors for helping to support our stewardship work at some beloved nature preserves!

We’re pleased to announce a new program for summer 2020, Sponsor a Preserve. Several passionate, dedicated supporters have stepped up to help Sycamore continue our stewardship work with generous contributions in honor of their favorite nature preserves.

You’ll see their signs at the nature preserves they’re sponsoring, now through the end of the summer. Please join us in thanking these supporters for helping us care for southern Indiana’s special natural areas!

Caring for nature preserves takes dedication and hard work, but the rewards are thrilling. More acres protected, more habitat for endangered species, more miles of trails. Thanks to Sycamore members and volunteers, we are accomplishing so much together!

To learn more about each nature preserve and get driving directions, follow the links below:

Would you like to Sponsor a Preserve?

If you’re interested in learning about helping Sycamore care for special nature preserves, contact Ann Connors, Development Director:



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