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Join Sycamore staff members on a virtual hike to get to know our preserves! Our public preserves remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic and have seen a major increase in visitation. Please click the COVID link at the top of the page for current hiking rules and updates.

Wetland Plant Identification: Sedges of Beanblossom Bottoms

Join Executive Director John Lawrence and Dr. Paul Rothrock, biologist and author of Sedges of Indiana, to explore Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve and learn about the vibrant plant community at this important wetland habitat. Over 200 plant species have been recorded at Beanblossom Bottoms. On this virtual hike, we discover a new species to add to this ever-growing list of protected wetland plants!

Beanblossom Bottoms After Flooding

Join Executive Director John Lawrence for a virtual hike of Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve after the water receded from heavy spring flooding. Find out where to spot the bald eagles’ nest, get serenaded by chorus frogs and spring peepers just emerged from their winter rest, hear red-shouldered hawks give each other the “what for,” identify tracks on the boardwalk, and learn about some of John’s favorite plants and how they sustain wildlife.

Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve and its accessible public boardwalk trail is a part of Sycamore Land Trust’s 1,500-acre Beanblossom Creek Bicentennial Conservation Area, our ongoing project to protect and restore wetlands and other important natural areas in and along the floodplain of Beanblossom Creek, a major tributary of the East Fork of the White River. Beanblossom Creek was our first focus area for conservation and continues to be a top priority. By caring for and strategically expanding this network of protected parcels, we preserve vital wetlands and critical wildlife habitat to sustain at least 20 endangered, protected, and special-concern species.

New Addition to Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill

Sycamore Land Trust announced the addition of 56 acres of protected land to the Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill in 2021, thanks to the generous support of the Laura Hare Charitable Trust and Sycamore members.  This new parcel of protected land will not be opened to public access or hiking. It has been protected for the benefit of the plants and animals who live there and to protect natural habitat for future generations.  Take a walk through the new addition with Rob McCrea, Sycamore’s Land Preservation Director:

“This property was available for sale on the open market,” Rob explains.  “After closing, the realtor informed us that every other interested purchaser wanted to log the property.  I’m really happy that Sycamore was able to acquire it to make sure this property is protected.”



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