Legacy Circle

You can help protect our land and way of life, forever. Sycamore Land Trust can be your partner. Contact Amy Osajima, Development Director, at 812-336-5382 ext 104 or to learn more about planned giving options and our Legacy Circle of donors. We can help connect you with an attorney to discuss your options.

You can make a positive difference in protecting the beautiful landscapes of southern Indiana and connecting people to nature by including Sycamore Land Trust in your estate planning. Through a gift of cash, security, or land in your will or trust, or by naming Sycamore as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, annuity, or insurance policy, you create a lasting conservation legacy for you and your family, while joining a group of like-minded conservation supporters in our Legacy Circle. Members of the Legacy Circle are listed in Sycamore’s online list of Legacy Circle members for our Annual Impact Report, unless they would prefer to be anonymous. See a list of members in our Annual Impact Report.

Planned Giving Options

Sycamore Land Trust offers options that allow you to help preserve the beautiful landscape of southern Indiana, while also securing a range of tax and other benefits for you and your family.

  • Including Sycamore as a beneficiary in your will, trust, life insurance or retirement plan enables you to control your assets during your lifetime and reduce taxes to your heirs.
  • Life estates enable you to retain control of your land during your lifetime and receive tax benefits while naming Sycamore as the remainder beneficiary.

Sample Bequest Text

A Legacy that Lives On

When we think about how to make a positive impact for the future, we often think of our children, grandchildren, or community. Others would like to honor a loved one who has passed away.

This is what Melinda Swenson did for her late husband, Dan Willard. Dan was a former Board President for Sycamore Land Trust, just one of the many ways he demonstrated his commitment to conservation.

“Dan was devoted to land and water conservation, and I got involved as well,” Melinda recalls fondly. “I also met other wonderful people who valued preservation.”

“I love being among people who are working together for something in common that they support and love. We can do good work together, work that is meaningful and compelling and important, work we would love to do individually but can’t do on our own.”

“The legacy gift is my way to say I’m still in,” Melinda explains. “I thought, why did I put this off? I have married again, and Carol and I support Sycamore together. We have really demonstrated our commitment: our legacy gift honors Daniel and the critically important work of Sycamore.”


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