Memorial Gifts

A meaningful and lasting way to remember your loved one.
Make a memorial donation in their honor to protect critical habitat and preserve precious natural areas for future generations.

Memorial Gifts

Giving a memorial donation to Sycamore Land Trust is a meaningful way to remember beloved friends and family who have passed by protecting precious natural areas in their name. We take great care to notify the deceased’s family of all gifts with a beautiful card, without sharing the amount donated.  Memorial donations are tax-deductible. We acknowledge each donor and provide a receipt. To make a memorial donation, visit our Donation Page.

Memorial Requests

After a loved one passes, you may consider suggesting in the obituary that friends and family make a donation to Sycamore Land Trust in their honor.  Sycamore is thankful for the gifts made in memory of the following cherished people:


  • Ethan Bailey
  • Tim Bruner
  • Ned Caldwell
  • Natalie Christoph
  • Bob Dodd
  • Paolo Fratianni
  • David Fulton
  • Austin Gardner and Mary Ann Gardner
  • Donald Gortner
  • Charles Koch
  • Frederick and Mary Jane Lorenz
  • Jim Mitchell
  • Gary Page
  • Rudolph Raff
  • Warren and Barbara Roberts
  • Don Sandlin
  • Shekky
  • Marion Sinclair
  • Clark Sorensen
  • Nancy Stevens
  • Rod Suthers
  • Harold Walker
  • Gene Weinberg
  • Don and Betsy Whitehead



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