Conservation Conversations

Our new virtual lecture series features local experts and authors who inspire us to get involved in conservation.

These online Zoom events are free for Sycamore members and a suggested $5 donation for non-members. Not yet a member? You can join today with a donation of just $40 or more, and help us protect land and restore habitat, for Forever.

Dr. Kimberly Novick: “Nature-based Climate Solutions in Indiana and Beyond” – September 28, 2023 (Recording Now Available)


Sycamore Land Trust and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Indiana present a free virtual lecture and Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Novick, Professor, Paul H. O’Neill Chair, Fischer Faculty Fellow, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Environmental Sciences at Indiana University. Dr. Novick discusses the opportunities and pitfalls surrounding nature-based climate solutions in Indiana and beyond, including reforestation, improved forest management and cover cropping.


More Conservation Conversation Lecture Recordings

Doug Tallamy: “Nature’s Best Hope” – January 27, 2022


Ben Goldfarb: “Dam It! How Beavers Can Save the Planet” – March 10, 2022


Nate Engbrecht: “Amphibians and Reptiles of the Beanblossom Creek Valley” – May 12, 2022


Carroll D. Ritter: “How Magnificent Trees of Indiana can be an inspiration to appreciate our grand forest heritage” – June 23, 2022


John C. Robinson: “Discover the Awe of Birdwatching” – July 7, 2022


Allisyn-Marie Gillet: “It Takes a Village to Raise a Chick” – September 1, 2022


A recording of “It Takes a Village to Raise a Chick,” a virtual lecture and Q&A with Allisyn-Marie Gillet, Ornithologist at Indiana Department of Natural Resources, is now available on YouTube. Indiana DNR monitors and manages more than 50 at-risk bird species, each facing their own unique suite of threats. Alli talks about the state’s nongame bird program, taking a deep dive into two conservation projects – Shrubs for Shrikes and Motus. Learn how you can get involved and contribute to the conservation of our state’s beautiful avifauna!

Russell Boulding: “Geology of Sycamore Nature Preserves” – February 9, 2023


In Part 1 of this virtual lecture on Feb. 9, “Geology of Sycamore Nature Preserves,” Geologist Russell Boulding shared a general overview of the physiography, bedrock geology, and, where present, the glacial geology of twelve of Sycamore’s public preserves in south central Indiana. This virtual Zoom lecture is followed by a Q&A. Click here to view and download the slides from Russell’s presentation.

Russell Boulding: “Geology of Canyon Forest Nature Preserve & Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve” – April 13, 2023


In Part 2 of his virtual lecture “Geology of Sycamore Nature Preserves,” Geologist Russell Boulding shares a general overview of the physiography and bedrock geology of two of Sycamore nature preserves with significant geological features: Canyon Forest Nature Preserve in Greene County and Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve in Monroe County. This virtual Zoom lecture is followed by a Q&A. Click here to view and download the slides from Russell’s presentation.

Sérgio Henriques: “Wild Lights of Beanblossom Bottoms and Beyond” – May 11, 2023 (Recording Now Available)


In this virtual lecture, biologist Sérgio Henriques shared a general overview of the luminous beetles in Indiana. The Say’s firefly (Pyractomena angulata) has been Indiana’s official state insect since March 2018, half a decade later, he will reflect on what is this species’ conservation status in its “home state” and discuss how it could easily have been extirpated from multiple counties, or from the entire state altogether, without anyone noticing. He also takes a closer look at some of the rarest and most threatened species of fireflies in the state, and discusses why Sycamore Land Trust’s Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve is so special. As DNR’s State Wildlife Action Plan starts the next decade of conservation action in Indiana, he argues why we should incorporate the protection of dark skies towards preserving the remarkable wild lights of our state; why indigenous knowledge is crucial for conservation efforts, and what every Hoosier could and should do to help.

Sérgio Henriques is the invertebrate conservation coordinator at the Global Center for Species Survival, Indianapolis Zoo; and is the chair of the Conservation, Sustainability and Land Management section at the Indiana Academy of Science. Sergio has more than 20 years of experience mobilizing resources to promote invertebrate conservation, looking for lost species and in summer he can mostly be found under Indiana’s dark skies studying our state’s fireflies. He regularly works with a global network of experts, including IUCN specialist groups and the Invertebrate Conservation Committee, to tackle understudied threats such as light pollution or the illegal wildlife trade, using the latest technological tools to reverse the ongoing decline of the most diverse group of organisms on earth, invertebrates.


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