Stewardship Stories

Our new "Stewardship Stories" video series takes viewers out into our preserves for a closer look at our land stewardship and habitat restoration projects to take care of the land entrusted to us.

This 20-minute “Stewardship Stories” video features five episodes to explore how we take care of land:

Part 1: Supporting Wildlife
Take a peek inside the nests in birdhouses we installed to support threatened eastern bluebird populations, lift a coverboard to find an endangered Kirtland’s snake, and learn more about our research projects to understand the wildlife community that depends on our preserves.

Part 2: Restoring Native Habitat
Learn about efforts to control harmful invasive species on our preserves, including Sycamore’s first prescribed burn and our native seed collection project.

Part 3: Planting for the Future
Everyone can play a part in taking care of nature and creating healthy habitats. Planting to benefit wildlife is an investment in a better future, not only for our environment but for all the life it sustains. Learn more about our monarch tagging program and other efforts to support pollinators.

Part 4: Wetland Restoration
Sycamore’s preserves support a diverse community of plants and animals, including many that are quite uncommon. This is especially true at our wetland preserves. But wetland habitat is rapidly disappearing in Indiana. Learn about Sycamore’s efforts to create new wetland habitat, take an ATV ride through a storm, and watch river otters play on the ice at Eagle Slough Natural Area.

Part 5: Stewardship Education
Connecting people to nature, and inspiring them to help us protect it, is a big part of Sycamore’s mission. Learn how we are enhancing our public trails and other efforts to make it easier to access nature.

Thank you to our supporters for making this work possible.


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