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Legacy Circle – Planned Giving

The Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill by Seth Teeters, Aerial 812

The Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill by Seth Teeters, Aerial 812

You can help protect our land and way of life—forever. When you designate Sycamore Land Trust as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan, you create a living legacy that will help protect the beautiful and unique landscapes of southern Indiana for the enjoyment of future generations.

To honor those who have made this special commitment, we have created the Legacy Circle. The Circle gives Sycamore a way to thank you during your lifetime (publicly or anonymously, depending on your wishes). Members of the Legacy Circle are true visionaries who will help land conservation in southern Indiana flourish for generations to come.

Melinda Swenson, who is a member of the Legacy Circle with her wife Carol McCord, says “A legacy gift might sound complicated, but it’s not. You can leave money by just adding another beneficiary. I thought, why did I put this off?”

It’s true: becoming a member of the Legacy Circle is simple! All we need to know is that you intend to make a planned gift to Sycamore. There is no minimum amount. You qualify if you have designated Sycamore Land Trust as a beneficiary:

  • of a bequest through your will or trust (for land or financial resources);
  • of a life insurance policy;
  • of an IRA, retirement plan, or bank account;
  • of a charitable remainder trust (or similar vehicle).


Helpful documents

Because so much of our work is about ensuring that the places we save today will be protected forever, planned gifts are indispensable to our mission. Plus, planned gifts allow you to take advantage of many tax benefits. This will often allow larger gifts than would otherwise be possible. Benefits can include reduced capital gains, estate and income taxes, and in some cases, you may receive lifetime income in exchange for a gift.

If setting up a planned gift for Sycamore Land Trust is something you’ve been meaning to do, please let us know. Your example can inspire others to consider how they might make land conservation a part of their legacy. Those who know and respect you may stop and think, “Hey, I could do that too!”


Contact us

For more information about making a planned gift and joining the Legacy Circle, contact Development Director Ann Connors at 812-336-5382 x104 or We encourage you to contact your professional legal or tax advisors prior to making any planned gift. The federal EIN for Sycamore Land Trust is 35-1830637.