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Environmental Education Director Shane Gibson works with kids from Rogers Elementary

Environmental Education Director Shane Gibson works with kids from Rogers Elementary

Your contribution to become a member makes it possible for us to protect the forests, wetlands, creeks, prairies, family farms, and wildlife that make southern Indiana special. It just might be the simplest thing you can do to make a real impact on the environment.

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Why does land need to be protected, and why choose Sycamore Land Trust?
Indiana was once a vast, diverse wilderness covered in hardwood forests, wetlands, and prairies. Now, 85% of that has been destroyed. When those natural spaces disappear, we see deep consequences that affect the cleanliness of air, soil, and drinking water; native animal species that depend on healthy habitats become rare or endangered; crop pollinators have less to work with; children and adults lose touch with nature; and there are fewer places to get healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Sycamore is working to reverse this trend and take care of the land. This includes receiving important natural spaces through donation or purchase, and then protecting that land through land stewardship projects like native species planting, habitat restoration, tree planting, invasive species removal, trail building, rare species monitoring, and much more. We are proud to have a dedicated staff of experienced professionals who truly value conservation. When you donate to Sycamore, you know your gift will make a big impact.

A contribution of $40 or more ($15 for students) per year makes you a member of Sycamore.
For every $1 you give, Sycamore Land Trust saves about $9 worth of land. That’s quite a return on your investment! You can make a one-time gift or spread your giving out with a monthly recurring donation as a Sycamore Sustainer.

Ready to make an even greater impact?
Join our Leadership Society, which also includes Naming Opportunities.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Pride in the knowledge that you’re protecting southern Indiana for future generations
  • Subscription to The Twig, Sycamore’s print newsletter
  • Free admission to all Sycamore outings
  • Sycamore Supporter window cling for your car

Gift memberships are another great way to support Sycamore.
Not only will recipients be touched by your generosity with this unique gift, they will be welcomed into our community of people dedicated to protecting our beautiful landscape. The recipient will receive a personalized notification and a copy of our Preserve Guide, in addition to all the benefits listed above.

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