Barclay Woods

Barclay Woods preserves upland forest with sinkholes and ephemeral creeks in the eastern portion of Indiana’s rugged Crawford Upland. The preserve shares 1/2 mile of boundary with a unit of the Hoosier National Forest, creating a larger contiguous area of protected forest habitat. The preserve is also only one mile way from the Hoosier National Forest’s Pioneer Mothers tract, one of the few remaining old-growth forests in Indiana.

Barclay Woods had been owned by the Barclay Family since 1915. Martha Barclay-Giel donated 267 acres to Sycamore in two gifts, the first in 2004 during her lifetime and the second in 2018 from her estate. Martha was also a major financial supporter of Sycamore’s conservation and education work. Sycamore purchased an addition from a family member in 2022, thanks to a gift from Nancy Ralston.

  • County: Orange
  • Acres: 301
  • Acquired with gifts from: Martha Barclay-Giel and Nancy Ralston
  • Years acquired: 2004, 2018, 2022