Porter West Preserve

This preserve is notable for sinkholes and a spring along the south edge of the woods, as well as a forest carpeted with spring wildflowers. It was a gift from the estate of David Porter, who operated a composting business in the open area that is now reverting to nature. A mowed trail branches to the left to reach a historic cemetery and wildlife ponds, and to the right to a loop trail in the woods.

  • From the intersection of State Road 48 and W Vernal Pike, go north 0.2 miles.
  • Park at the first gate on Vernal Pike.
  • County: Monroe
  • Features: Sinkholes, wildflowers, purple finches, indigo buntings
  • Donated by: David Porter
  • Acres: 230
  • Year acquired: 2008
  • Trail: ~2.6 miles, moderate