Warren and Barbara Roberts Preserve

The Warren and Barbara Roberts Preserve was donated by Elizabeth Gile and Sarah Roberts in memory of their parents, who purchased the land in the 1970’s and left it undisturbed for nature. The preserve contains mature, high-quality upland forest, seasonal creeks, a large sinkhole, and many spring wildflowers. Red oak and puttyroot orchid are especially abundant.

Barbara Roberts was encouraged to entrust her property to Sycamore by Barbara Restle, one of Sycamore’s earliest land donors and supporters. Her daughters followed her wishes and protected their family land as a nature preserve when they inherited it. Read more in this article from the summer 2020 edition of Sycamore’s newsletter, The Twig.

Sycamore’s stewardship efforts focus on protecting the quality of the forest by eliminating garlic mustard, Japanese stiltgrass, and Asian bush honeysuckle. These invasive plants are present in small amounts, but would spread further if not controlled.

  • County: Monroe
  • Acres: 40
  • Donated by: Elizabeth Gile and Sarah Roberts
  • Year acquired: 2019