Wayne Woods

Thank you to Mike and Betty Davis for sponsoring Wayne Woods during our Sponsor a Preserve Summer 2021 Campaign.

“Wayne Woods is a 15 acre preserve covered in wildflowers of such variety every spring that it takes our breath away. Our goal as stewards is to keep this area healthy and verdant for generations and inspire everyone who sees it, to appreciate the diversity of flowering plants, to have a few moments of quiet beauty, and to love the earth we have been given.  To achieve that goal, we have to constantly remove invasive species, mark the trail, pick up trash, report damage caused by downed trees and photograph all box turtles for Chris Fox. It is a privilege to help preserve Wayne Woods.” – Mike and Betty Davis

The 13-acre Wayne Woods is an impressive natural area despite its relatively small area. Located in the karst topography of western Monroe County, this preserve features several sinkholes, a mature woods with many large trees, and a spectacular display of spring wildflowers.

Sycamore volunteers and staff work to protect the wildflowers at the preserve by pulling purple wintercreeper and garlic mustard, as well as controlling other invasive plants, which could otherwise take over and displace the diversity of native species present.

  • County: Monroe
  • Acres: 13
  • Donated by: Bill and Naomi Wayne
  • Year acquired: 1996