Sam Shine Conservation Center at Dolan Wetlands

Sycamore Land Trust's Sam Shine Conservation Center at Dolan Wetlands provides special educational opportunities and public access at a 113-acre nature preserve in the floodplain of Beanblossom Creek in northern Monroe County.

The patio behind the Sam Shine Conservation Center provides an exceptional view of the wetlands.

Sycamore Land Trust’s Sam Shine Conservation Center overlooks our Dolan Wetlands nature preserve in our Beanblossom Creek Bicentennial Conservation Area. Featuring an open wetland that has long been a well-known roadside birdwatching hotspot since before being protected by Sycamore, Dolan Wetlands provides important habitat for migrating shorebirds, wading birds, and waterfowl. Notable species that have been recorded at the property include glossy ibis, white-faced ibis, American golden plover, greater and lesser yellowlegs, great egret, and little blue heron.

Additional habitat restoration projects are being planned to further enhance the habitat and educational value of the nature preserve and center. A pollinator planting next to the observation patio will provide valuable habitat for butterflies, bees, and other insects, as well as the birds and other wildlife that rely on them. Further wetland restoration and tree plantings will add to the preserve’s habitat value as well. These projects will also serve as public demonstration areas to show the positive impact for nature and wildlife that private landowners can have on their own properties.

Located just 12 minutes north of downtown Bloomington and 4 minutes east of Interstate 69, the Sam Shine Conservation Center at Dolan Wetlands provides a convenient location for Sycamore’s Environmental Education Program and partner organizations to host both indoor and outdoor educational events. The patio behind the center provides an elevated view of the wetlands. Public access will also be available from a roadside parking area.

Contact Sycamore’s Education Director Mary Welz at 812-336-5382 ext. 107 or to schedule a program for your classroom or group, or to discuss partnership opportunities at the center.



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