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The Fall 2023 issue of The Twig is "The Shine Issue." Over the past three years at the Sam Shine Foundation Preserve in Monroe County and our surrounding protected natural areas, Sycamore has undertaken our most ambitious restoration projects ever to create habitat for native animals and plants to thrive. In the 19th century, most of the forests and wetlands that had been here were clear cut and drained for agriculture. Only fragments remained of the amazing native biodiversity that once existed here, along Beanblossom Creek.

But we were inspired by those fragments, and recognized the great opportunity to restore diverse wildlife habitat. The upland fields have great potential for native grassland, and the bottomland area to return to the wetlands they once were. The projects we are implementing are the culmination of years of planning and an extensive network of partnerships with government and nonprofit colleagues, as well as the generous financial support from individuals, businesses, and foundations.

The research partnerships we’ve developed to monitor species using our preserves guide our restoration plans, and show our effort is making a difference for conservation. The inspiring changes we’ve accomplished together at Shine proves what we can achieve when we work together to protect and restore habitat on a landscape scale. Thank you for being a part of this important effort for people and nature in southern Indiana.

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